Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charice willing to do projects with Justin Bieber

Filipina international singing sensation Charice (Note: Oprah doesn't want her to use Pempengco) said she is willing to collaborate with Justin Bieber if there will be an opportunity.

Charice, who was featured in the Oprah show together with Justin for the World's Most Talented Kids show, said Justin is a great performer and he has been doing amazing projects in the past.

The Filipina singer said she is willing to collaborate with Justin if both their schedules will permit.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dolphy worried on 'death' rumors

Comedy King Dolphy admits that he gets worried every time malicious rumors that he was “dying” or is “dead” erupts, saying his family gets affected by it.

“Talagang ang daming pumapatay sa akin! Bakit nag-aapura kayo? Darating tayo diyan,” Dolphy quipped during a recent press conference.

Turning serious, Dolphy admits he gets worried every time such rumor erupts.

“Nagwo-worry ako sa mga anak ko sa abroad, tawagan nang tawagan, nag-iiyakan na kung minsan. Pero sa awa naman ng Diyo, e, nandito pa ako.”

“Madalas ‘yon. Ilang taon na ‘yan. Minsan sa Hong Kong nakalagay sa front page, ‘Dolphy dead.’ Yumumuko ako sa kotse. Sabi ko, ‘Huwag tayong makita ng mga tao, patay na ako.’ Yun pala kapag binuksan mo ang diyaryo ulit, ‘Or alive.’ Maraming beses na akong pinatay.

The 82-year-old comedian will soon be releasing his first solo album which he considers an important part of his legacy.

The album “Handog ni Pidol: A Lifetime of Music And Laughter” has “The Way You Look Tonight;” “What A Wonderful World;” “You Make Me Feel So Young;” sung with Zsa Zsa Padilla; “If,” which Zsa Zsa and Dolphy say is their themesong; and a lot more.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus: The First Violation Revealed

Another day goes by with the housemates warming up to each other, starting with a game that had them sharing anecdotes about themselves. During the game, Kuya was very much involved and showed his teasing side as he kept on asking the pronounced BBF's detailed information about each other. So far, Robi and Josef have already shown the others their trademark handshake and have danced to the tune of Soulja Boy's Crank That. They even had on identical shirts.

It was also during the game that Kuya announced the housemates' first violation. Some were whispering, a big don't in the PBB house and until someone owns up, no baths for all of them. This had the teens rattled for a bit as they tried to figure out whether or not they were at fault. Finally, Josef and Alex owned up, and as their punishment, they have to talk loudly until further notice. Robi, living up to being the BBF of Josef, asked permission to share in the latter's punishment. He was then made to echo everything Josef said. Not long after that, Josef, Alex, and Kevin were called into the confession room again. Josef was in because he whispered yet again while the other two were reprimanded because they didn't inform the others that the BBFs will share their stories with everyone in the living room. For their punishment, Alex and Kevin needed to learn 500 new Filipino words. They in turn will teach Josef 500 Italian words and 500 Spanish words. It was while Alex was reciting his new vocab that it slipped that he was "supot" or uncircumcised, it not being the culture in Italy.

Priscilla was the other housemate who received a number of tasks: to teach Beauty how to lip-read and to sing an OPM song that Valerie can also sing. Despite being raised in Germany, Valerie loves to sing Pinoy songs and it probably won't be long before they add Jukebox Queen to her title. Priscilla, though differently-abled, can hear faint tones and was able to learn the song quickly. The two perform a duet for Kuya and the housemates. Though quite insecure about her singing abilities, Priscilla shared that for a moment, she felt like a diva.

The evening had the boys practicing dance steps while the girls exchanged stories about their dads. Jieriel shed off her bubbly demeanor as she shared her sad experience with her biological dad. Rona was moved to tears when she shared her feelings about her imprisoned father. Through it all, she remains strong in believing that God will make things right.

What other tasks are in store for the housemates? What other revelations will Kuya unearth?

From http://teensplus.pinoybigbrother.com/tabid/134/Article/399/Default.aspx
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When will John Estrada learn?

It was just a few months ago when John Estrada was briefly held at the Zamboanga Airport for cracking a bomb joke. John was accosted by authorities when he told the person who searched his bag that it contained a bomb.

John later apologized and said it was just a joke. In times like this when threat of terrorism is filling up the air, such a joke was uncalled for. And I thought John Estrada already learned a lesson from that experience.

But during the Holy Week, John Estrada was again arrested by airport authorities when the airport scanning machine detected objects that form like bullets inside his hand-carried bag. A thorough search led to the seizure of several live bullets from the actor's bag.

John was seen on TV being handcuffed by policemen. A charge was reportedly readied but I'm one of those who are waiting for the case to be filed in court. John said it was an honest mistake that the bullets where in his bag.

Let's give him the benefit of a doubt but I hope the police will pursue the case.
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Philippine Showbiz Update

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